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Category:Barcodes Category:IdentifiersWhile I'm on holiday and will miss out on the action in the Fantasy Premier League game, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors of this thread, especially the excellent Marsh! We've posted an excellent team with an excellent player valuation, just like Marsh's one, so that you all can have a go. There are a couple of things you'll need to keep in mind for this one: you'll need to download the fixtures, which are here, but also keep the settings you set, especially for the player stats as I want to get my max budget value for the players. As usual, please create a post in this thread to report any issues. A reminder that this season's auction, which will be run on Friday, is a major change: you'll be able to bid on a player, but you won't be able to change the amount you spend if you fail to get the player you want, which will always be your most expensive option. The top three budgets will be calculated according to your average price for the entire season. If you are unfamiliar with the auction rules, you can read the official preview article here. You can also watch a video of the auction running here. You can also see the form of the players at the bottom of this post! I've included our pool of stats for each player below their name. I just had to complete this with a win for Rovers as FPL has gone mad with them. My only issue with this league is that you can't pick different players from the same club. So I've got to drop Keane, though the point at him might be enough for my surprise hit. I completed the last game in full, scored 2 goals, but was not able to get a clean sheet. My valuation was as per the sheet: Quote: Pr1st Goalkeeper: Donnarumma Defenders: Alba Montolivo Cammellaro Baliani Stramaccioni Midfield: Sandro Musacchio Del Piero Riviera Giampaolo Sturaro Wingers: Gattuso Tevez Lescott Monaco Luca Serginho

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